When invited to a wedding, most people will expect some form of entertainment in the evening, however many people will be expecting the ‘usual’ suspect of a DJ or maybe even a band performing.

Live music is always a winner at any wedding, no matter what the theme or style, but have you ever stopped to think how you can make your big day stand out from the ‘usual’ and ensure that your guests leave your day remembering it for the rest of their lives?

By opting for a more alternative form of entertainment you can not only make your day more memorable for yourself, but you can create a day full of fun and energy for all that you wish to share it with! So, what are some of the ways you can put a twist on your special day?


1. Paparazzi

A great idea, as an alternative to the ‘normal’ photographer, would be to get a fake paparazzi to come along to your day. Why not opt for a red-carpet arrival and a group of snapping professionals? This is sure to provide plenty of laughs and certainly some photographic gems for your wedding day album.

2. Flash Mob

Whether you love or hate flash mobs, they are definitely a hot topic when it comes to creating an atmosphere at any event. There is no better way to get everyone on the dance floor with a flash mob, so why not gather a group of close friends and family to rehearse and perform alongside your live band?

3. Dance Off

It’s one thing to have a live performer or band at your wedding, but why not get a dance off going? It’s your big day so you make the rules; it could be boys vs girls or maybe even groomsmen versus the bridesmaids and the bride. This is not only fun for the adults, but the kids can get involved too. There could even be a prize for the winning team!

4. Photo Scavenger Hunt

You can set the rules and a check list of must-snap photos, which could include photos such as grabbing a selfie with the groom or even a pic of you eating a slice of the wedding cake. First to submit all the required photos is the winner. If you’re feeling super tech-savvy why not take to Instagram and # the event, or even create your own customised snapchat filter for the day.

5. Mr and Mrs Contest

A wonderful way to put a quirky twist on your evening would be to host a quiz-like task involving questions such as “what is the grooms shoe size?” or “what was the brides first pet called?” You could even rope the best man in to be the host. This is sure to bring in some laughs as well as finding out who really knows the bride and groom best!

6. Caricatures

A simple yet effective added touch to your day would be to get a super talented artist in to give your guests a caricature to take away. What better way to remember your wedding day than to hang a doodle of you and your new partner on the kitchen wall and forever appreciate the fun had by everyone?

7. Surprise First Dance

Why not take advantage of your hired live band or performer and learn a secret dance routine alongside them? We’ve all seen the inspiring YouTube videos of surprise first dances! You are sure to add an element of surprise and fun by busting some unexpected moves for your guests.

8. Singing Waiters

Take service with a smile to a whole other level by hiring singing waiters for your big day! This is sure to liven up the evening meal and add a wow factor. Keep it secret from your guests, so when the waiter bursts into song it’s even more of a surprise!

9. Guest Video Box

Forget the usual signing of a guest book! You can add a twist to your day by allowing your guests to leave a video message. The messages left are sure to get funnier as the night goes on and the drinks and celebrations flow.

10. Bandeoke

While many people opt for the usual live band or artist performing, Bandeoke incorporates both and allows you and your guests to get in the spotlight themselves! If you’re after something completely unique for your big day this certainly make it memorable. Simply choose a song from the bands repertoire and you can sing and perform alongside them. Give the new couple a night to remember and belt out your favourite karaoke song.

Monitor Music are proud to provide you with a great range of entertainment, not just with a wide variety of bands, but also an impressive collection of soloists, duos, party bands, wedding bands and discos, with bandeoke also for hire! If you would like to know any more about our services or our bandeoke, simply get in touch with our team who will be happy to help! The stage is all yours!