Planning a wedding is a fun event in itself but it can also be very frustrating, particularly if you have a set budget that you know you can’t go over. The costs of catering, the venue, and the entertainment can add up quickly, with the estimated average cost of a wedding to be approximately £30,000. Knowing a few tips on how to reduce costs when possible can help you to easily keep within budget:


Research Your Bands

Starting your band research as soon as possible is advisable; after all, you may come across a band you really love but who isn’t available to play at your wedding. Knowing what each band’s availability and area of expertise is will help you to choose a band. And meeting musicians can even give you extra inspiration for your own wedding! It can seem daunting to start planning a wedding but by being proactive you will set everything in motion and easily slip into wedding planner mode.

Choose a Quality Band

You may have your heart set on specific entertainment for your wedding, but making sure that you hire a quality band is essential. Hiring professional musicians who have proven experience of playing at a wide range of functions will assure you of not only their talent but also their ability to entertain a wide range of audiences. Choosing a main music style and songs for your wedding doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavour; by hiring a quality band, you can discuss your tastes and your preferences, knowing that you will be heard and your needs met.


Start Hiring Early

Similarly to ensuring that you book your venue in advance, hiring entertainment early for your wedding will allow you to choose the band you prefer the most. Leaving anything last-minute is never a good idea, particularly with such big wedding components as entertainment is. Your friends and family will have a relaxed time and enjoy celebrating your special day, and you’ll have peace of mind that the band you hired has a professional demeanour.

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