An acoustic duo can have one or two members singing and playing, ensuring that your event or party goes smoothly. Providing you and your guests with an entertaining performance, acoustic duos give you a more intimate setting. You can hire an acoustic band for any occasion; a wedding, a birthday party, or a corporate event – and you’re guaranteed to have a great time.

Playing the Music You Love

Whether you’re a rock, pop, or more of a jazz fan, an acoustic duo can – and will – play any music that any full band can play. The difference is how the music is played. Acoustic duos often sing while playing acoustic guitars, or other instruments. These musicians are just as talented and skilled as other bands, they simply use different musical instruments.


Acoustic music utilises instruments that produce sound through acoustic ways, unlike electronic and electric instruments. Having had its origins in the 1960s folk music, acoustic music is often referred to as ‘unplugged’.

Perfect for any Event

Having live music at your event is always a great way to entertain and engage your guests, and what better way to have a fun but intimate performance than by hiring an acoustic duo? These duos are particularly ideal if you have a venue that is difficult to access and to which musicians would have difficulty transporting their musical instruments to.

If your wedding has sound limiters in place, in which a digital device measures the sound pressure level of the noise in the environment, having an acoustic duo will be more beneficial. Sound limiters can cause the power supply to be cut off, which would hinder your event if your musicians have electric or electronic instruments.

With an acoustic duo, you don’t have to worry about sound limiters because the sound made by acoustic instruments is always below the sound limiter’s level. If your event is being held in another country, an acoustic duo will quickly and easily be able to transport their equipment and provide you with a more cost effective solution.

Hiring an Acoustic Duo

When hiring one of our duos, you have the assurance of a fantastic, professional team. In addition to talented musicians and singers, the team includes sound engineers and lighting. Hiring with us means that you get the team you talk to, and you always know who is attending your event.


If you want to hire an unplugged acoustic duo, simply get in touch with us here at Monitor Music. We’ll ensure that you have fun and that you can focus on enjoying your event and socialising with your friends and family.