Summer is here, and so begin the al fresco dining, festival season and flip flops. As the weather gets increasingly better, our moods lift, our wardrobes brighten, and as we get out and about, events become much more frequent and exciting. Instead of sitting inside wearing a cardigan and huddling by the radiators, we can embrace the outdoors, listen to the live music and frolic in the outdoor party vibe. So how can you make the most of summer and throw a jaw-dropping summer party?

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BBQ Bonanza

Summer is the perfect time to gather your friends outdoors in the garden, and get some burgers and hot dogs on the grill. But why not combine this with an upcoming and create the ultimate BBQ? You could essentially make your own little festival, especially if you add some live music into the mix! There is nothing better than some grilled food, sparkling wine and an acoustic band playing in a field…

Birthday Bash

If you were born in the summer, you’re pretty lucky, as unlike those born in the winter, you can more than likely relax in the sun on your birthday. Why not take the opportunity to have an outdoor birthday bash? Instead of having the conventional hiring of a venue and a few balloons and a DJ, doesn’t the sound of getting your friends outside in front of a band, grabbing a cool drink and dancing under the fairy lights sound much more exciting? Celebrate your birthday in style by hiring a party band and gathering outside for the ultimate birthday get-together.

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Many people say that summer is by far the best time of year to tie the knot, and we couldn’t agree more. If you and your guests can get outside on your big day, think of the photography opportunities, the entertainment options and most importantly- no rain! Getting hitched al fresco can make your day the most perfect, memorable and special day. But no wedding is complete without a wedding band- picture you and your guests gathering outside, enjoying some fantastic live music. From an 80s rock band, to a disco band or even a 12 piece variety band, what music isn’t better when it’s got natural acoustics and plenty of space for everyone to fill the dance floor?

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The musical entertainment can be make or break for a charity or fundraising event. People are always willing to donate their skills and time for a worthy cause - especially if there is live music available! And what better time to host such a marvellous event than in the summer time. You are bound to have donators flocking to your event if you have a fabulous band singing and the sun shining in the middle of summer!

Corporate Party

In might all seem like serious business in your day to day work, but when it comes to the partying, you deserve to put on a serious show for your prospective clients or your staff. Whether you are having a corporate mixer or a networking event, summer can provide the perfect opportunity. The sun is proven to put a smile on everyone’s faces, so get your clients and staff outside and treat them to a summer musical soiree, and who knows, you may even get a sale!

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If you are thinking of blowing the socks off your friends, family or guests, we can certainly help with the entertainment side of things. We can’t promise the sun will have his hat on though, but our musical acts will shine on the stage for your event!

If you would like to know any more information about what bands we have for your summer shin-dig, you can browse our online collection of function bands, acoustic music bands, party bands, jazz and swing bands, wedding bands, DJ hire and even the classical choice, for an added bit of class. However, you can simply pick up the phone to have a chat, or pop us an email.