Prom is coming. The dress: bought. The tux: rented. The limo: stretched. The amazing music? Debatable, as there’s a lot of different music tastes in the room to cater to.

So, to help you out we have gathered together a list of songs which are bound to make even the least bopping kind of person bop along at prom. You want to make sure you have a good night, it is the end of an era after all, so having everyone happy and up to dance is super important.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, never fear! Prom is all about requests, but here are a few diddies which we feel no prom could be complete without!

I Wanna Dance with Somebody

With somebody who loves me! Released in 1987, many years before anyone attending a prom was born, this is a hit that keeps on coming no matter the passing of time. Though it hit some rough comments from critics upon release, there was no doubt that this was a hit and indeed Whitney Houston gained two Grammy Awards for the hit. Bound to get everyone feeling happy on prom night!

Dancing Queen

Another dancing song, because why not? ABBA had a number of hits, but Dancing Queen is without a doubt one of their all-time greatest hits. A worldwide hit, it was the only one of ABBA’s songs to ever become a number one hit in the USA. Released in 1976, this has been a staple of proms ever since and is the song that will undoubtedly get teachers and students alike singing along.

Moves Like Jagger

Now for a more modern hit, again with the theme of dancing. Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera combined the power of their voices to create this catchy song for everyone to ‘oooh’ to. The title refers to a person’s ability to woo a partner by dancing in the style of Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones. It may not impress your love interest on the night, but at least you’ll have fun dancing!

(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life

No prom is complete without a few tears about parting from your dear friends for the foreseeable future. University, jobs or whatever you have in store is bound to send everyone there on very different paths. So, prom is more important than ever to say one final goodbye and have a great hurrah.

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