Live music for corporate events can present itself with a number of unique issues. Partly because you want it to be professional, but you also don’t want to bore your guests with four hours of elevator music. Striking the right balance between fun and professional, then, is essential to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. Here at Monitor Music, we know how important your event is, so making sure it is perfect is at the top of our agenda.

Summer is here, and so begin the al fresco dining, festival season and flip flops. As the weather gets increasingly better, our moods lift, our wardrobes brighten, and as we get out and about, events become much more frequent and exciting. Instead of sitting inside wearing a cardigan and huddling by the radiators, we can embrace the outdoors, listen to the live music and frolic in the outdoor party vibe. So how can you make the most of summer and throw a jaw-dropping summer party?

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There are thousands of music genres to choose from, and over the years our tastes have varied in what we choose to listen to. If you look at a person’s music on their iPod, you will notice how different their variations are - it's not uncommon to see Jay Z and Fleetwood Mac in the same playlist!

Prom is coming. The dress: bought. The tux: rented. The limo: stretched. The amazing music? Debatable, as there’s a lot of different music tastes in the room to cater to.

There are many steps to planning a successful function or event, and on the list of crucial factors, choosing the perfect band and entertainment should be at the very top. This is something that shouldn’t be glossed over and with so many options of live music, you need to tailor your choice to your event. Sometimes an individual can have too much choice, but not enough quality, so take your time, consider the following points and get the party or function to be the night-to-remember it deserves to be.